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Federal Special Project #H29K6002


   This project is designed to develop, evaluate (field test), and nationally disseminate teaching cases that will aide in the attainment of knowledge (by preservice and inservice teachers) around the knowledge areas/competencies that the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has identified as necessary for teachers who work with children and youth with disabilities and their families.  The national dissemination of the project results (developed and field tested teaching cases) has been accomplished in part by the establishment of this web-site; the National Clearinghouse for Special Education Teaching Cases.  In addition, the project hosted a national conference on case-based instruction and teaching cases.  The conference disseminated the project results and provided networking opportunities for professionals interested in case-based instruction and teaching cases.

   There has been much interest in the use of teaching cases and case-based instruction in the past ten years in the field of education.   The fields of law, business and medicine have been using teaching cases and case-based instruction successfully for decades.  One of the main roadblocks to the wide spread use of teaching cases and case-based instruction in teacher education is the paucity of cases available for use.  This is especially true for the field of special education teacher preparation.  The project has addressed this need by developing and field testing 54 teaching cases that focus on the CEC teacher knowledge areas/competencies.  The teaching cases were written by trained case writers who interviewed classroom teachers from all over the United States as case informants for the cases.  As the cases are developed and field tested, they will be disseminated through the Clearinghouse..


Project Directors:        

        Dr. Betty Epanchin

        Dr. Karen Colucci




We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to the project:

David Alsopp Linda McCrea
Mary Anderson Karen Mahon
Ron Anderson Sharon Maroney
Bill Boomer Rayann Mehaffey Mitchell
Cathy Wooley-Brown Barbara Newman
Cannon Cameron James Patton
Pam Campbell Jenny-Meade Pfennig
Linda Christensen Theodore Pikes
Christina Clark Robin Pierce Richter
Celisa Cook Jennifer Roberts
Lynne Cook Judith Robsonm
Diane D'Elia Regina Sapona
Kathryn Davis Dickens David Scanlon
Elly Heil Driggers Chris Seiler
Cyndy Griffin Joanne Simmons
Mark Goor Donna Sobel
Sarah Hall Gail Stearns
Lillian Pisch Hartung Valerie Taylor
Rhonda Hayward Misti Wahl
Rebecca Hines Megan Watson
Richard Jackson Judy Drew West
Gwen Webb-Johnson Gloria Campbelll-Whatley
Teresa Daniels Joiner Brenda Willliams
Stephanie Kenney Karen K. Williams
Marcy Kohler Judy Winn
Dale Lambert Karen Zoetwey
Hazel Linton


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